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User Controls in ASP .NET

A good practice in ASP .NET and in programming in general is to divide the code into reusable blocks. This is applicable to HTML code too. In ASP .NET it is achieved by creating User Controls.User controls look similar to web forms. They contain HTML and control tags, they are saved in .ascx files and [...]

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Cookies in ASP .NET

Cookies are small files that are stored either on the user's hard drive or in the browser's memory. Their main purpose is to keep information for later so it can be used for more personalised browsing experience for example.Their simplicity makes them useful long time storage on a variety of applications. However, being simple text [...]

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Rich Controls In ASP .NET

There is no strict definition of ASP .NET rich control but generaly these are controls whose object model is largely separate from the HTML they generate. Rich controls are still handled as single objects, they only differ from normal controls in terms of more complex HTML and user interface being generated. Let's take a look [...]

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Validation Controls in ASP .NET

Quite often there is a difference in how a developer tests a web form and how a user uses it. Users may: leave random characters in a field that requires a telephone number to be the input. For example, if there is a code that tracks phone calls and compares them to the phone data [...]

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Basic Usage of View State in ASP .NET

Web applications cause a problem that is not present on traditional applications stored on the user's PC (tablet/phone). The problem is the following: the user connects to the server and requests a page, the page is delivered, the connection is stopped and then all the page objects are deleted from the server memory. This stateless [...]

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Introduction to Server Controls in ASP .NET

ASP .NET provides a new way to handle dynamic web forms. Unlike the conventional style where the developers had to adapt and improvise with HTML tags and attributes, ASP. NET server controls automatically provide their HTML structure. This allows the developers to focus just on the desired behavior. These server controls behave like objects and [...]

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