GitHub News

In the middle of March 2020, npm is joining GitHub. The focus of the deal will be to invest in the registry infrastructure and platform, improve the core experience and engage with the community.

New USB Type-C controller that addresses sink devices

USB Type-C connector is becoming increasingly popular and is being used in new laptops, smartphones and various types of electronic devices. The big benefit is that it can carry up to 100 watts of power. STMicroelectronics has a new sink controller IC with a small footprint STUSB4500L that can be a good match if you are developing a new device on 5V and you want to power it using USB-C. The possible applications include wireless speakers, computer accessories, point-of-sale equipment, USB dongles, etc.

WordPress 5.4 “Adderley”

The new version of WordPress is here. This version is named in honor of “Ned Adderley“. New improvements in UI and performance (14% faster loading of the editor, 51% faster time-to-type). This version adds two new blocks: social icons and buttons. More about this update you can read here