This is our first post than contains technology related news from around the web. We hope you enjoy it!

One of the biggest consumer technology conferences was held this January (7th-10th) in Las Vegas. During CES 2020 a lot of new products were presented and announced.

CES 2020

In the highlights video above, we can see various products in categories like accessibility tech (Phonak Virto Black hearing aid), startups (Hydraloop water recycling system), home accessories (The Weber Connect smart grilling hub). For us, two of the interesting products are Hydraloop and The Weber Connect smart grilling hub. While they try to solve two very different problems, they can both bring improvements in our everyday life. The Hydraloop can help us reuse and recycle, while the Webber Connect can ease the process of preparing our delicious grilled food.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Windows Version Market Share

Another important event of January 2020 is the end of support for Windows 7. Microsoft will stop the support for any new issues, software and security updates will not be released. As we can see from the chart above many computers are still using Windows 7. Stopping updates will make them more vulnerable to viruses and malware. This can have an impact on many companies as the update to the newer versions of the Windows operating system will happen gradually.

On the hardware development front, Arduino announced a new board called Potenta H7, targeted mainly at IoT applications. It is based around a dual-core STM32H747 microcontroller that includes a Cortex® M7 (480 MHz) and a Cortex® M4 (240 MHz). It can run Arduino code, Python and JavaScript, which makes it a good fit for a wide range of developers.