ARM introduces new Cortex-M Processor

ARM announced Cortex-M55 the new addition to the ARM Cortex-M family of microprocessors. It is their first core to implement the new Custom Instruction Capabilities and use the ARM Helium technology. It is being touted as their most AI-capable microprocessor. Its target application includes signal processing, machine learning, IoT.

ISELED – smart RGB LED technology

Microchip introduced a chip that supports the new ISELED solution for automotive lighting. ISELED is aimed at applications that are employing RGB LEDs. The system concept requires each RGB LED to be integrated into a standalone module that includes a dedicated LED driver, controller, and serial bidirectional communication. These modules can be connected in chains, each LED chain consisting of 4096 devices.

Mobile World Conference (MWC Barcelona) is Canceled

This year the “Mobile World Conference” is canceled. Many companies fear from new coronavirus. CNET says: “For some, it could mean holding their own events or simply putting out press releases to unveil their newest gadgets. Many could delay their product launches altogether while they figure out what to do. Some, particularly Chinese companies, are mulling plans to proceed with their events in Barcelona, Spain, even though the official conference won’t take place.