Technology News Roundup: August 2020

Earthquake Early-Warning System Seismic tremors have a severe impact on developing countries, causing construction and infrastructure issues. The Linux Foundation, Grillo, and IBM announced New Earthquake Early-Warning (EEW) Open Source Project. It includes the core components of the Grillo EEW system. OpenEEW wants to help reduce the costs of EEW systems, create a better deployment,

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Technology News Roundup: July 2020

In July, Microsoft announced plans for ending Windows support for PHP. They will support current versions, but next will be without official support. excerpt from the official statement: We know that the current cadence is 2 years from release for bug fixes, and 1 year after that for security fixes. This means that PHP 7.2

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Technology News Roundup: June 2020

Apple Switches to ARM Apple announced that they are going to be phasing out Intel processors in favor of their in-house developed SoC processor called "Apple Silicon". This may be beneficial to the users of ARM cores, as the Apple team has to port some of their Intel running software to the ARM ISA.

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Technology News Roundup: May 2020

Raspberry Pi News This month Raspberry Pi 4 released a board with 8GB RAM. The BCM2711 chip that is used on Raspberry Pi 4 can address up to 16GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM. The Raspberry Pi says: "These didn’t exist (at least in a form that we could address) in 2019, but happily our partners

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Technology News Roundup: April 2020

iSIM technology Integrated SIM (iSIM) technology is gaining momentum in IoT applications. It allows devices to use cellular technology while being power efficient and more secure. iSIM is at its core a SIM hardware integrated inside a chip. For more information, you can read the following article Ubuntu This month Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was

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Technology News Roundup: March 2020

GitHub News In the middle of March 2020, npm is joining GitHub. The focus of the deal will be to invest in the registry infrastructure and platform, improve the core experience and engage with the community. New USB Type-C controller that addresses sink devices USB Type-C connector is becoming increasingly popular and is being used

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Technology News Roundup: February 2020

ARM introduces new Cortex-M Processor ARM announced Cortex-M55 the new addition to the ARM Cortex-M family of microprocessors. It is their first core to implement the new Custom Instruction Capabilities and use the ARM Helium technology. It is being touted as their most AI-capable microprocessor. Its target application includes signal processing, machine learning, IoT.

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Technology News Roundup: January 2020

This is our first post than contains technology related news from around the web. We hope you enjoy it! One of the biggest consumer technology conferences was held this January (7th-10th) in Las Vegas. During CES 2020 a lot of new products were presented and announced. CES 2020 In the highlights video above, we

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