Sometimes we need to create and use configuration files. One of the ways to create and use configurations is by using a config module. The first step is to install it using the following command:

npm install config

When we do this we have to create a directory with a name “config“(directory name/path can be changed using env variables, this is the default name). After that, we have to create a file in which we will store data. I use a .json file(File type can be different). The name of the file is “default“. In this module, you can use a chain of the file and their value is taken by priority. For file extensions and priority, you can read more here.

Example use you can find here:

var config = require("config");


The first row includes the project. There are two functions “has” and “get“. You can use the first if the variable exists and second to get the value of variable/property you need.

The configuration .json file:


The result of the script you can see here:

The result from script execution

Note: Additional information for supported file types and order of loading config files you can find here

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