In this post, I will try to provide you with useful KiCad files information. In the folder containing a KiCad project, you can find various types of files ranging from libraries, schematics to generated output files.

Extension / NameDescription
.proThis is the project file and it contains parameters and configurations.
.sch, .kicad_schSchematic file. (The new format is .kicad_sch).
.libSchematic symbols library. If the file name ends with -cache.lib this means it is the cached version of the symbols. If it ends with -rescue.lib then this is the file with missing or conflicting symbols.
.modFootprint module (obsolete)
.prettyFootprint library folder
.kicad_modFootprint description file
.000Temp file
.bakSchematic backup
.brd, .kicad_pcbPCB layout, the new format is .kicad_pcb. If it ends with -save.kicad_pcb it is a backup file
.cmpDeprecated file
.csvCSV file with exported BOM
.dcmDescription, aliases, and keywords for symbols
.bckSymbol editor backup file (.dcm)
.netThe netlist
fp-info-cacheFootprint cached info
fp-lib-tableList of footprint libraries (Only loaded from board or footprint editor)
sym-lib-tableList of symbols libraries (Only loaded from the schematic editor)
drc-rulesDesign Rules Check constrains
.kicad_wksPage layout description, custom look
.rptReport file
.gbrGerber output files
.drlGerber drill file
.posPosition file used for automation inserting machines
.wrlVRML 3D model 
.step, .stpSTEP 3D model for integration with MCAD
KiCard Native files

In the table above you can see various native KiCad files. The program also supports generation of files such as .df, .ps, .dxf, .pdf, etc. A full list of supported files you can find here.

When you want to share a KiCad project it is important to include only the necessary files and to ignore the rest. A good reference list for the files that should be ignored (these are in most cases files that are automatically generated) can be found in KiCad’s gitignore file.

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