KiCad templates are used to create projects with common settings. Templates can contain everything you need for a new project, for example, table and graphic formating, board outlines, schematic elements, etc. You can create a KiCad template with the following easy steps:

  1. Create a project with the settings you need
  2. Add a folder named meta in the directory of the created project
  3. Add info.html and icon.png in the meta folder

The info.html contains information about the project – the description is shown when selecting the template. The title tag determines the name of the template. If you want to include images in the description you can add them in the meta-directory and use an img tag to add them.

The icon.png is an optional file. The size of the icon must be 64 x 64 px.

To use the template add the folder of the project to users templates and create a project from it.

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