The current passing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) across the two points provided the physical state and temperature of the conductor does not change.
Ohm’s Law, Georg Ohm


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Communication Between RTOS Tasks

Real-time operating systems (RTOS) allows us to develop complex embedded systems. By using self-contained tasks (threads) each with their own context we can implement programs with multitasking behavior using a single CPU. Passing information between these tasks (inter-task communication) is an important aspect when designing an embedded application using an

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IPv4 Header Explained

In this article, we will explain the header section of an IPv4 packet. The IPv4 header has a variable length of 20-60 bytes, depending on the IP options present. It consists of 14 fields, of which 13 are mandatory. IPv4 Header Format Compared To IPv6 Header Let's take a look

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IPv4 vs. IPv6

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a unique numerical identifier used for communication between devices connected to a computer network. It is used for identification and location addressing. To send data from one computer to another, data packets must travel across the network containing the IP addresses of both

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WP-CLI Overview

WP-CLI is a command-line interface which saves developer’s time by executing WordPress tasks with only a few lines of code. It is efficient because you don’t need to use GUI by starting your browser and logging in to the site. You can also perform commands for actions which don’t have

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